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Want to extend the life of your PDC tooling? Find out how.

With more and more HDD jobs needing PDC bits and reamers for hard ground conditions, you also need high-quality, PDC-specific repairs and maintenance. As the producer of some of the top PDC bits on the market, as well as a provider of the best HDD repair and maintenance services in the industry, Radius has developed Continue Reading

Charlie Cox, a giant skull, and Tommy the repair god demonstrate Radius PDC

The Radius PDC Bit Makes Boring Exciting!

PDC bits are the ideal solution for HDD drillers dealing with solid ground conditions. Compressed sand, mudstone, clay stone, and limestone are the ideal formation to utilize a PDC solution. There are two primary designs for PDC drill bits: matrix-body and steel body. Both designs provide greater lifespan and rate of penetration in solid ground Continue Reading

Introducing The Radius Over-Bit Reamer

Designed specifically for utility contractors and fiber projects, the all-new Radius Over-Bit Reamer is made to greatly reduce exit side downtime for small bores that require a slightly larger hole than the pilot. Ideal for a variety of hard conditions, the Over-Bit reamer is engineered to install easily over the Radius Rock bit, all but Continue Reading

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