Welcome the new Radius HDD Over-Blade Reamer.

We are excited to introduce to you the newest member of our Radius Hot-Shot team, the Over-Blade Reamer. The Over-Blade Reamer is the solution to get your product into small easements faster. Designed to attach directly on to the pilot blade and allow it back ream a hole of 6” or 8” without removing and reattaching different tools. Quick, easy solution to cut time down, make money and keep your customers happy. 

The other two members of our hot-shot team: The Over-Bit Reamer & The Pullback Adapter.

THE RADIUS OVER-BIT Reamer is designed for fiber and small bores that require a slightly larger hole than the pilot hole. The Overbit Reamer will greatly reduce exit side down time and to eliminate the hassle and delays of removing the pilot bit.

THE RADIUS “HOT SHOT” Pull Back Adapter allows drillers on fiber or other small bores to quickly & easily connect to their conduit without the hassle of removing one single part. Simply bolt the “Hot Shot” adapter on the bit & attach your swivel or puller.