Yeah, We Know Rock Tools.


Through unsurpassed durability, quality and performance, plus crafted with our customer in mind.

Radius knows rock tools.

The HDD Industry began in the early 1970s with a goal to “healthier drilling” through releasing less of a carbon footprint and destruction to the ground. Tight easements and small bores are especially highlighted through this process. Radius manufactures the best rock tools in the business by helping the contractor achieve just that – success in tough ground and a tight spot. With steerable rock bits, no-hassle housings with elite magnetics and locating capabilities it is hard to beat the blue.

Leading the standard HDD tooling industry is not all we have deemed to be good at. Bigger rigs ranging over 100k lbs of torque and larger are no problem for our team either. We offer a complete line of Maxi tooling for bigger jobs that inhibit an open trench and extreme ground conditions. Our uniquely designed Brutus rock bit has the capacity to eat through rock under near impossible conditions, with gritty teeth and welded-on carbides it is no question why “Brutus” stays so busy.

When boring through softer conditions Radius has all tooling needed to get the job done as well. Dirt blades, housings and pull back essentials are all available 24/7 through phone, text or web. Whether it’s in the middle of the night or the middle of nowhere – we’ve got your back.

It all started with top of the line design. We knew their was a better way to build the rock bit. From weld-on carbide cutters to carefully placed hard facing, we were able to create the most competitive tool on the market. Sure, it may take a little more time to ensure the quality of our tools but that is why you can trust the Radius brand to keep your project turning. Every time.

No matter the condition no matter the length no matter the scope of the job. Radius has the tools available, ready-to-ship and ready-to-use. We offer a full line of after-market tools to fit any rig. Call and visit with an expert today at 855.471.2771 or shop online at

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