Make Better Mud.

Radius HDD offers a complete line of polymers and additives to keep your project turning as efficiently as possible. As an authorized dealer for DrillRite products as well as other additives such as Cetco, Radius has what you need – when you need it.

Additionally, we offer popular thread compound that is essential to maintain the usability of your tools and to maintain your connection. Bestolife is a compund we offer that is recommended for use on all HDD drill pipe. It has been developed as a formula which can be used in environmentally sensitive areas as well.

Compound can be brushed on threads or applied via most automated lubrication systems. In addition, to the galling and seizing protection provided by the solids, it also contains a premium high temperature grease base that helps provide the load-carrying capability required by the high-bearing stresses present in HDD drill pipe connections.

Get the most our of your tools – Radius can help.

Stinger® Enviro

Versatile drilling compound that applies easily in a wide range of temperatures and conditions.

Jet-Lube® Eco-Safe

Non-metallic compound containing carbon based fibers and additives.

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