Swivels for a No-Snag Pullback.

The pullback swivel is designed specifically for horizonal directional drilling (HDD) applications and come in a variety of designs. Radius offers a wide selection of swivels from DCI and Condux with a number of connectivity options.

Bolt-on or Flange Swivels feature a multiple-sealing system and bolt directly to the back of a reamer. Flange Swivels can contain 3, 4, or 5 sets of bearing to support different loads. A smooth exterior prevents catching objects so that the swivel spins without drag to complete a successful pull back. With the swivel recessed into the body of a reamer, there’s minimal “gap” between the reamer and the pulling eye of the swivel, which prevents debris and cuttings from collecting in that space.

Clevis Swivels are the most common and typically attach with a pin or shackles. Clevis X Box swivels provide a threaded connection to securely connect directly to the drill string or reamer.

Swivels aren’t complicated, but they play a critical role in pulling product pipe. Like most good tools, it’s important to clean after each use. The water and bentonite residue can deteriorate seals and lead to corrosion on the bearings and journals inside the swivel. This can ultimately lead to failure during the pull-back. With the high level of activity that occurs on every jobsite, cleaning and greasing your swivel can be easily overlooked, but it is an important part of keeping your tools in top operating condition. Each swivel Radius ships includes information on proper care. 

The Radius sales team can help you choose the right model and pull rating for your drilling job or help replace damaged swivels if necessary. We offer a complete line of the highest quality tools to HDD professionals worldwide through our comprehensive online catalog. To see how you can improve your HDD operations, call or text our HDD pros at 1-800-892-9114, email us at info@radiushdd.com or shop at www.radiushdd.com.

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