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The horizontal directional drilling (HDD) industry has seen a great deal of growth over the last 10 years. Our infrastructure’s dependence on this technology also continues to grow at an impressive rate. With populations booming, there’s a need for underground construction with minimal ground disturbance that won’t inconvenience the public. As HDD continues to evolve as a go-to solution, Radius HDD continues to expand our product line to keep the industry supplied with the toughest tools ever.

While the industry as a whole continues to battle ongoing issues – from a shortage of qualified and skilled operators to efficient mud disposal to obstacle avoidance – HDD has been able to maneuver around these challenges with evolving technology and education to secure its place as a top option for underground utility installation.

Utility contractors are noticing this trend and are finding more often that they can complete jobs efficiently through HDD boring. This year, contractors expect HDD to account for 47 percent of their work. Over the next five years, they expect that number to increase to nearly 50 percent. Radius HDD is ready for this growth and is continually expanding our line of products, industry knowledge and technology. Whether you need drive chucks, sub savers, drill pipes, starter rods or quick connects, we stock multiple sizes to fit all major brands. If we don’t have exactly what you need, we can build custom products in no time to keep your project moving forward.

Radius HDD offers a complete line of the highest quality tools to HDD professionals worldwide through our comprehensive online catalogue. To see how you can improve your HDD operations, call or text our HDD pros at 1-800-892-9114, email us at info@radiushdd.com or shop at radiushdd.com.

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