More Mud. More Tool Life.

The Radius team recently delivered custom subs to a drill site where workers were dealing with a challenging job due to constant exposure to the elements. Each crew member has specific responsibilities, and they’re often handling them in extreme weather and rough terrain. Lots of things can go wrong and it’s a constant balancing act to work together. On top of that, crews have to pay special attention to mudflow, drainage, tool operating levels, and ground obstacles – like rocks and old lines – that can damage the bore.

To prevent these costly mistakes, drillers can use Cetco Super Gel-X, an easy-mixing, high viscosity, 200-bbl-yield freshwater drilling fluid produced from the highest-grade Wyoming sodium bentonite. Similar to how a machinist protects their cutting tools with lubricant, utilizing mud helps stabilize the bore – it cools and lubricates the bit, keeps it from getting damaged, and removes cuttings. Cetco Super Gel-X is certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 60, Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals – Health Effects. Recommended use is for all types of freshwater mud rotary drilling.

Cetco Super Gel-X Benefits

• Highly concentrated for maximum yield      • Cools and lubricates bit

• Helps prevent loss circulation      • Mixes quickly and easily

• Reduces solids and increases lifting power      • Removes cuttings      • Stabilizes boreholes

Radius HDD offers a complete line of the highest quality Cetco drilling products to HDD professionals worldwide. In addition to Super Gel-X, we stock Clay Cutter, Drill-Terge, Insta-Visplus, Soda Ash, Superthin and Hydraul-EZ. To see all available products, visit

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