Keep Your Tools Turning.

Every day around the world, HDD tooling is being used as the go-to solution for trenchless drilling. After multiple uses, these tools can get worn down and have to be replaced. Although not all variables can be controlled when drilling, making an effort to manage a few will ensure the tools’ longevity. To save money and time, check out these four tips to keep your HDD tooling performing at its optimal level.

  1. Use drilling fluid – It’s a no-brainer to apply drilling fluids for a long bore, but most don’t think to use it for the shorter ones. Applying drilling fluids for each bore will reduce the wear on the drill pipe and help prolong the life expectancy of the tooling.
  2. Clean tools regularly – Things can get a tad messy when using a giant machine to cut through the ground, so an easy way to maintain your HDD tooling is to wipe the tools off after they have been pulled out of the ground.
  3. Rotate drill pipe – To extend the drill pipe’s service life, rotate it throughout the drill string. The most wearable piece of a directional drill is the drill pipe, so keeping it serviceable as long as possible will be a great investment in the long run.
  4. Know soil conditions – Before you start drilling, carefully review the ground conditions. Since soil composition often changes when drilling for a significant distance, this helps in selecting the correct HDD tooling and adjusting the mud formula accordingly.

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