Oh, it gets better.

Radius introduces all new
Cobble Bit with patented Hot Shot pull-back adapter


Who doesn’t want things to be easier? Horizontal directional drilling is challenging enough without having to drill, remove the housing and bit then attach the pull eye just to pull back. Now, you don’t have to! Radius’ new Cobble Bit with the patented Hot Shot pull back adapter allows you to keep your pilot tool attached, instead of wasting valuable time disassembling and reassembling. Simply connect your swivel to the Radius Hot-Shot pullback adapter and begin your pull back, maintaining the ability to track every step of the way.

Plow through loose rock and pull back fast. We all know the longer the drill pipe sits in a hole your chances of loose rocks locking down on the pipe drastically increase.

“Time is one of our greatest assets in everything we do, and when it comes to HDD, some of the hassles associated with typical tools can make what we have to do clunky and time-consuming,” said Radius HDD founder Riff Wright. “At Radius, we are always trying to find ways to streamline existing products and create new ones with the kind of quality our customers have come to expect—and that will help them do their jobs better and faster. We invite them to try our new cobble bit with Hot Shot pull back adapter the next time their bit wears out and see how much they gain from using it.”

Radius’ Cobble Bits handle the hardest packed soil, gravel and cobble with ease. The best part: the newly upgraded bit is the same great price it has always been, adding value by eliminating the need to purchase and connect a pull eye. Radius also offers the Radius Rock Bit, a versatile and popular rock bit that offers great steering and control in hard conditions along with the advantages of the Hot-Shot pullback adapter.

For more information on Radius’ Cobble Bit with the patented Hot Shot pull back adapter, the Radius Rock Bit, or any tools for horizontal directional drilling, visit radiushdd.com. Radius is the after-market industry leader in rock tool design, with a complete line of high-quality tools for HDD professionals all over the world and unparalleled customer service.


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