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PDC bits are the ideal solution for HDD drillers dealing with solid ground conditions.

Compressed sand, mudstone, clay stone, and limestone are the ideal formation to utilize a PDC solution. There are two primary designs for PDC drill bits: matrix-body and steel body. Both designs provide greater lifespan and rate of penetration in solid ground formations. With fixed cutters and zero moving parts, PDC bits offer a lower price-per-foot than tri-cone bits.

Steel Body vs Matrix

Steel body bits are considered stronger than matrix but can wear faster in abrasive conditions. However, Radius specifically designed the steel body of their PDC bit for superior strength and very high resistance to impact loading. We hard-faced tungsten carbide to critical areas of the bit for erosion resistance and bit durability. Another advantage of the steel bit design is the ease with which it can be rebuilt several times. Cutter pockets tend to become damaged while in use and matrix bodies must be filled, whereas steel can simply be re-machined. This is a huge cost advantage over the life of a PDC bit, further decreasing cost per foot.

What makes the Radius PDC Bit Special?

The Radius PDC Bit was specifically designed for horizontal use. With balanced machining, profiled steel body, new cutters, and small fluid ports, this bit gives the end user something they can count on downhole. Intended to sit horizontally, this well-balanced bit uses extra gauge protection to decrease drag and up and down movement. Hard faced steel offers body durability and is much easier to repair than matrix bits. Radius elongated the flutes to efficiently remove spoils. Cutter placement and quantities have been optimized for bit stability and longevity, drilling a precise round hole for easy duct installation.

Choosing the right tool for the right ground condition is always key. Radius’ Research and Development team heard our customers’ need and delivered a solution. We designed the Radius PDC bit for the HDD professional, offering cost effective drilling suited for your HDD applications.

Extending the life of your PDC bit

Continued success will come from proper use and maintenance over the bit life span. Optimizing the life of the Radius PDC bit is best achieved by higher flow rate of mud, applying no more than 4,000lbs weight, and setting a target RPM of 60-400 to establish pilot hole. As hole becomes established, achieving ROP (rate of penetration) is your main focus, applying no more than 8,000lbs and increasing the RPM to the target RPM. Our research has shown that RPM has greater effect on ROP than the weight on the bit (lbs).

In addition to the best PDC bit on the market, Radius also offers repair options for any other PDC bits you may have. Our knowledgeable staff will have you back to operating quickly at an affordable price. Call or text us any time at 817-594-7066 to ask any questions or get help on choosing the best PDC solution.

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