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Google Fiber Coming to San Antonio

San Antonio is going to be the next city to get Google Fiber, and you know what that means: lots of construction jobs up for grabs. With 1.4 million residents in San Antonio, this will be the biggest Google Fiber city so far, and the company says it plans to “lay enough new fiber in Continue Reading

Top 4 Causes of Premature Tool Failure

Tools only fail downhole. Which means if the pilot tool goes down, the entire project comes to a halt. Tripping out, lost or damaged tooling, downtime, and a potential lost pilot bore all cost time and money. Below are the top four causes of premature tool failure and suggestions on how to avoid them. 1. Continue Reading

New Shed, Same Tools

A company moving to a new location isn’t always earth-shattering news, but, then, not every move involves us constructing a brand-spanking-new state-of-the-art world headquarters dedicated to the design, manufacturing, and distribution of the absolute best HDD tools in the world. “Thanks to unprecedented growth over the past five years and projections for continued growth, we Continue Reading