Introducing The Radius Over-Bit Reamer.

Designed specifically for utility contractors and fiber projects, the all-new Radius Over-Bit Reamer is made to greatly reduce exit side downtime for small bores that require a slightly larger hole than the pilot. Ideal for a variety of hard conditions, the Over-Bit reamer is engineered to install easily over the Radius Rock bit, all but eliminating the downtime between pilot shot and reaming.

  • Eliminates the hassle and delays of removing the pilot bit
  • Ideal for small exit pits and tight easements
  • Attaches in less than a minute
  • Allows tracking during pull-back

“The over-bit reamer makes tool change so much easier than cutting out big holes with my vac.”

– Dieter Pook, DISTINCTTech

Keep Turning Right. #radiushdd #kickasshdd

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